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You can avoid some problems by instructing your personnel on what to do when an order is delivered by freight carrier, or picked up at a warehouse.

Examine Your Orders Before Taking In-House
When any order is delivered, you must check each carton. Make sure the same invoice number is on each carton label, and that all labels indicate your address. Check the serial numbers against the invoice. When picking up an order from a warehouse or freight carrier, you must also check each carton. You could wave your right to claim damages if you fail to immediately examine your order.

Orders Delivered Short or Damaged:
If the total number of cartons delivered does not match the cartons noted on the carrier’s delivery receipt (DR), but most of the order value is up for delivery, accept the order. Write on the DR how many and what type carton(s) are short. DR must show the consignee and driver’s initials. If the missing cartons are not located within 10 days, ask your carrier to fax you a claim form. Complete the claim form and remit the claim with a copy of your DR (signed short) and a copy of your invoice that shows the price you paid for the shorted item(s). The carrier will acknowledge receipt of your claim (in writing) within 30 days after filing the claim. The carrier should reimburse the value claimed within a total of 120 days from the date filed.

If the majority of the order value is not delivered, refuse the order and call Mike Rowan at 216-529-6857. Inform Mike of the specific Invoice Number and ask her to recall the order. When the order is returned to Kirby, Mike will file a claim with the carrier.

If you receive a carton that is damaged, immediately examine it thoroughly. Open the carton to check for breaks, cracks, or missing parts. If there is damage, tell the driver to acknowledge the damage on the DR and to initial it. If the damage is beyond easy repair, refuse the order.

Call Mike Rowan at 216-529-6857 and inform her that you refused the order because of damage. Mike will recall the order.

Delivery problems, shortages and damages often occur due to the carrier’s failure to sort/segregate the correct cartons for each order and excessive handling for orders not delivered in a timely manner. You can avoid these situations by placing orders for your average affordable value and request delivery immediately after carrier announces the arrival.

Instruct all personnel responsible for signing for product received, to make sure they account for your correct product and examine that each carton for any specific order contains your address, bill of lading number and/or carrier’s Pro number. It is difficult to receive financial reimbursement from the carrier if there is a revealed ‘shortage’ after delivery and the bill is signed ‘delivered free and clear.’


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