Verification Program

The Verification Program was developed to determine the validity of purchases. The program consists of a two (2) part verification process – verifications by Kirby CR and verifications by individual Distributorships. This is a check for Distributors that the dealers are selling Kirby units legally and ethically and for The Kirby Company to randomly check that Distributors are adhering to the terms of their agreement.

Verification by The Kirby Company

clipboardPeriodically, senior management will request CR to conduct a verification of purchases. This request entails CR contacting purchasers of a specific Distributorship to determine if sales were made in accordance with the information presented on the Owner Registration Card sent to GSR. The results of the verifications are given to senior management for review and future action.

Verification by the Distributor

Per your Distributor Agreement, you are required to verify the purchases of your customers. For more information, please review paragraph 6(f) of your Distributor Agreement.


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