Third Party Complaints

Today’s consumers have a host of agencies they can contact to have a complaint/claim investigated. These agencies are powerful tools for the consumers to use and they continue to grow in popularity as the way to get results.

In some states these agencies work in tandem, sharing information on businesses and consumer issues. Excessive complaints recorded against an entity at any one agency can lead to individual or group investigations of a business. Kirby Consumer Relations has developed relationships with various agencies and we are very attentive to maintaining this outstanding working relationship.

For CR’s purposes, third party complaints are defined as complaints received from the BBB, Attorneys General, local/state/federal government agencies, consumer protection agencies and other consumer advocates. It does not refer to relatives/friends, who file complaints “on behalf of” a consumer.

businessteam2CR records and responds to all “third party complaints”. Each agency has a specified timeframe in which they expect a business to respond. CR is very cognizant of staying within the designated timeframe and expects complete cooperation from you

Our procedure is simple. CR contacts you when a third party complaint is received, requesting information on the complaint (if not initially logged in CR). The complaint is faxed to you and your Supervisor. You are expected to immediately investigate and resolve the complaint providing complete details (as you know them) to CR. CR, in turn, will prepare a letter response to the agency.

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