Chargeable and Non-Chargeable Complaints

Every complaint filed against The Kirby Company or its Distributors is serious and requires immediate attention. However, some are significantly more problematic. Accordingly, complaints are classified as either CHARGEABLE or NON-CHARGEABLE.  Chargeable complaints involve a serious breach of corporate policy, such as failing to abide by the Golden Ager Policy. A complaint also becomes CHARGEABLE if CR does not receive a response within the prescribed 2 business days. Non-chargeable complaints involve less serious problems.


If a complaint is initially classified CHARGEABLE, it can be reclassified  NON-CHARGEABLE based on the information you provide disputing the allegations of the consumer.  Please keep in mind that a complaint is not reclassified NON-CHARGEABLE simply because you send a response to CR.  You must provide reasons that would justify reclassification.


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