The Kirby Company cautions you that it is illegal to fix prices. It is also illegal to conspire or to agree to fix prices. This means it is illegal to dictate to independent Kirby Distributors, Distributor Trainees, or Dealers the retail prices they charge their own customers for Kirby products. It is also illegal to dictate the amount of price differential or commission paid by the individual Kirby Distributor to the Distributor Trainees or Dealers.

The Kirby Company will not tolerate any attempt to fix prices.

It is unlawful for Kirby Distributors, Distributor Trainees, and Dealers to agree on prices at which Kirby equipment will be sold, and no attempt should be made to fix or attempt to fix or establish the price or prices at any level in the Kirby Distributor System. It is permissible to depict and discuss various prices and commission structures if the discussion is part of a presentation aimed at giving the Kirby Distributor examples of how other independent Distributors have successfully operated.

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