Patch It Up or Pick It Up

One of the most important lessons we can learn is to take care of customers. Without them, we do not have a business.

Until several years ago, customers who were unhappy didn’t have too many ways to voice their displeasure. Having one dissatisfied customer is a myth. A dissatisfied customer tells his/her family and friends. This means lost referrals, demos and even recruits.

When you finally figure out the total cost of a dissatisfied customer, the “PATCH IT UP OR PICK IT UP” Program is for your benefit. The price of not solving a problem is much more expensive than occasionally picking up the Kirby cleaning system, reselling it, and reclaiming most of the initial cash flow.

Another lesson learned as a Distributor is that whatever you do, good or bad, affects the entire Kirby organization. Your consumer decisions are important not only to your organization, but to everybody associated with The Kirby Company. Everyone must accept the reality that our decisions on consumerism affect our colleagues throughout North America. Therefore, each of us must follow the same good consumer policies.

The rules have changed. Today, customers can bring a business like Kirby to its knees. In minutes they can publish a website saying anything they want to about you or your business at the touch of a button. They can send letters to thousands of other people and agencies. Investigative reports love to sensationalize especially when the story involves a successful businessperson and a consumer portrayed as being “helpless or defenseless”. Small claims courts and government agencies can be quick to punish a successful business in favor of the consumer. Patch it up or Pick it upprevents you and The Kirby Company from getting involved in consumer issues.

Treating customers right is a non-negotiable part of your Distributor Agreement with The Kirby Company. It is an essential and uncompromising element of your success as a Distributor as well as to the success of The Kirby Company. Kirby management is committed to ensuring that customers are treated properly in all aspects of the relationship, from your distributorship to the corporate office. If you need assistance in handling any issue with a consumer, call Customer Relations at 1-800-494-8586. Although the rules have changed, the one solution that still works is PATCH IT UP OR PICK IT UP.

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