Owner Registration Cards – International

The following will assist you in properly completing and returning Owner Registration Cards (“Registration Card(s)”). It also includes important information relating to ensuring The Kirby Company’s (“Kirby”) timely recognition of your Registration Cards.

Accurately and neatly complete the entire Registration Card while in the customer’s home. Included is a detailed description of each field that you need to fill out.

Kirby needs to collect accurate Registration Cards to fulfill its obligations under the Warranty, Rebuild Plan and Fire Protection Plan it provides to owners of Kirby cleaning systems. Accordingly, you are required to submit certain information to allow Kirby to fulfill these obligations.

Distributors must report only complete sales of cleaning systems to Kirby’s Gold Service Record Department (“GSR”). “Complete” sales are those which the Distributor: has received any necessary approval from a bank or finance company if applicable; has been paid in full in cash or by credit card; and on which the buyer’s right to cancel has elapsed.

Distributors are required for themselves, and to train their dealers to accurately and clearly disclose to each potential customer prior to any purchase whether the unit being sold was subject to prior demonstration(s) and/or sale(s). For example, if the unit was previously sold but the purchaser canceled the sale within the purchaser’s cancellation period, if financing was not approved, or if the unit was returned under the Golden Ager Policy, the distributor is responsible for ensuring that his or her sales person discloses to the potential customer the fact that the unit was previously sold. Similarly, if the unit was previously demonstrated to a potential customer, the dealer must so inform the potential customer.

Additional Registration Cards are available per your request as an S.P. Item #780210 from the Distributor Service Center by calling 0044-87700166 or e-mailing to CSC-CDROM@KIRBYWHQ.COM.  Replacement Registration Cards are identical to the card you received in the box with the unit but without the pre-printed serial number. You must supply the serial number on the replacement Registration Card.

Registration Card Check List
Name Description
Distributor Number Distributor’s 5-digit account number
Serial Number Ten digit serial number of the Kirby cleaning system
Email Address Purchaser’s E-mail address
Title Ms., Mrs. or Mr.
Name First name, middle initial and last name
Address Street address
City, Post Code, Country,
Subdivsion or Area of a Country
City, Country, Post Code, Subdivision or Region in a country
Age Group Have customer mark the appropriate box for their age and initial.
Phone Number Phone number
Date Of Purchase Enter month, day and year of delivery
Purchaser’s Signature The purchaser MUST sign the Registration Card.
Social Security Number

Enter the last 4 digits of the dealer’s social security number or Country ID number. This MUST be filled in prior to sending in, but should not be indicated on the customer copy of the Registration Card.

Distributor Trainee’s Account Number

Enter the 5-digit Distributor Trainee’s Account number if the corresponding signature is present.

Salesperson’s Signature

The salesperson MUST sign the Registration Card.
Distributor Trainee’s Signature All Registration Cards processed through the Distributor Trainee’s office MUST have the appropriate signature on this line.
Distributor’s Signature All records MUST be signed by the Distributor.

Registration Card Receipt

  • Distributors must include a receipt with each batch of Registration Cards submitted to Kirby for processing. A copy of the receipt is attached (“GSR Card Receipt”). Please complete the first line (number of Registration Cards sent in by Distributor) on the GSR Card Receipt, initial that the information is accurate, and retain the Distributor copy for your records.
  • When Kirby receives a batch of Registration Cards, Kirby will count them and complete the second line (number of Registration Cards received at Kirby World Headquarters) on the Receipt. Kirby will retain the Kirby World Headquarters copy of the Receipt.
  • If a discrepancy occurs between the two counts, the Distributor must check his or her GSR Reconciliation for a detailed listing of each serial number received and processed. For more information, see the GSR Reconciliation Section below.

Registration Card Cut-Off Date
Only Registration Cards post-marked on or before the 10th of the month and which Kirby receives at Kirby’s World Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio NO LATER THAN the 15th of the month are counted in the current month. Any Registration Cards received after either of these dates will count in the following month.

Kirby suggests sending your Registration Cards to Kirby’s World Headquarters more than once a month. Mailing Registration Cards semi-monthly will help insure proper credit and also protect against delay of shipments.

GSR Reconciliation
The GSR Reconciliation is a detailed listing of the serial number appearing on each of the Registration Cards submitted for processing. The GSR Reconciliation also indicates whether or not Kirby credited you on each serial number or what errors existed with respect to the Registration Card for a particular serial number. Most of the “no-credit” errors that occur are easily correctable and Kirby will recognize the Registration Card in the next month’s reconciliation.

Listed below are examples of common errors and what is needed to correct them.

Error Message Corrections
Serial Number Discrepancy/Not credited until corrected. Advise the GSR Department of the correct serial number.
Invoice Discrepancy Advise the GSR Department of the invoice number and invoice date.
Invalid delivery date/No credit Advise the GSR Department of the correct delivery date.
Missing or Invalid Zip Code Advise the GSR Department of the correct zip code.
Matched or previously paid/ No credit Verify if serial number is correct, if not send correction to GSR Department.
*Indirect sale / No credit. No correction necessary unless the sale was a direct in-home sale.
*Non-approved commercial/ No credit No correction necessary.

*Indirect Sales  Kirby cleaning system sales made other than through in-home demonstrations and non-approved commercial sales are violations of the Kirby Distributor Agreement.

Please note: All corrections should be made directly on the GSR Reconciliation or a detailed letter faxed to 216-228-2712 or mailed to:

 The Kirby Company
1920 W. 114th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
Attention: GSR Department

Consumer Installation Report
The Consumer Installation Report should report your serial number information, customer information and salespersons information, which needs to be filled out monthly and turned in with your Registration Cards. You should retain a copy for your records.

Open Inventory
Following each month’s cut-off date, GSR will send you a report listing the serial numbers for which we have not received a Registration Card or are still in your inventory. If you feel there are any discrepancies on the report please contact GSR at 216-228-2403 ext 5311.

Stolen Units
Distributors must immediately report all stolen or lost units to GSR (216-228-2403 ext. 5311) along with a copy of the related police report.

Invoice Corrections
Distributors must check every serial number in each invoice with the serial numbers actually received. The Distributor must immediately report any discrepancies to the GSR Department at Kirby’s World Headquarters.

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