Golden Ager Policy

The Kirby Company requires any authorized independent Distributor who receives a cancellation request from a Golden Ager/Disabled Consumer within nine (9) months from the date of such consumer’s purchase to promptly cancel and rescind such purchase transaction.

Any consumer who, at the time of purchasing a Kirby cleaning system, is at least sixty-seven (67) years old or has a disability, regardless of age, which restricts or prevents the consumer’s use of the Kirby cleaning system may cancel and rescind the purchase transaction up to nine (9) months after the date of purchase.

Upon cancellation of the purchase transaction, the authorized independent Distributor who made or is responsible for the sale must cancel any applicable financing and return to the consumer any deposits, trade-in merchandise and payments made by the consumer. If the trade-in merchandise is no longer available, the authorized independent Distributor must return to the consumer merchandise of an equal value and a similar type as that of the trade-in merchandise.

In addition, each of the following are considered not to be in compliance with this Policy:

  • Engaging in any unprofessional conduct involving an elderly or infirm person, regardless of whether or not the consumer purchases a Kirby cleaning system.

  • Demonstrating or attempting to demonstrate a Kirby cleaning system to any consumer with a noticeable or perceived physical or mental challenge (e.g. ambulatory restrictions, dementia/confusion or fragility); and

  • Using high pressure sales tactics on a Golden Ager or infirm person (e.g. convincing consumer he/she can purchase although on a fixed income – social security or disability).

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