Credit Card Acceptance Policy

The Company will accept credit cards as a method of payment for the purchase of product only in the following situations:

The credit card is in the name of the Factory Distributor (“FD”) or the FD’s company; or
The FD is an authorized signer on the credit card account, such as an account in the name of the FD’s spouse or one of the FD’s registered business partners.

The Company will accept a credit card under #2 above only if at the time the FD presents the credit card the FD has on file with the Company the following documents:

A letter from the cardholder’s issuing bank that confirms the FD is an authorized signer on the credit card account; and
A letter from the cardholder that confirms the FD is authorized to use the credit card to purchase product from the Company. This letter has to be dated within 12 months of the date of the intended purchase.

The FD is responsible for obtaining the letter from the issuing bank as well as the letter from the cardholder, and for ensuring that the letter from the cardholder is no more than one year old.

The Company will retain the bank’s confirmation letter until the issuing bank, the cardholder, or the FD revokes the authorization.

A credit card transaction under #2 above will not be processed unless the criteria of a. and b. as stated above are met. This information should be sent to the attention of Charlene McFalls by mail or fax to 216-228-2712.

Any chargeback’s that the Company may incur as a result of a dispute between the FD and the cardholder will be placed on the FD’s account for collection directly from the FD.

Due to the high cost of obtaining funds through credit card transactions, the Company recommends that you consult with your financial and legal advisors to ensure you fully understand the requirements of, and any risks attendant to, such transactions.

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