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No matter how seldom it may occur, if anyone is intentionally injured by an independent Kirby dealer or sales representative, it is a tragic event for the victim, the victim’s family and everyone involved in the Kirby business.

Therefore, it is and has been the position and the policy of The Kirby Company that Distributors and anyone working with them, including Distributor Trainees, should take all reasonable and necessary actions to reduce safety risks to customers. To accomplish this, The Kirby Company requires that, at a minimum, each Distributor perform a criminal background check on every dealer/sales representative in his/her sales force, including any sales representative who may enter a consumer’s home such as a lead canvasser, van master, crew leader, field counselor or sales manager. Each Distributor is responsible for ensuring that each of his/her Distributor Trainees also performs a criminal background check on every dealer/sales representative in the Distributor Trainee’s sales force.

As a Distributor, always request and fully check background information of dealer/sales representative applicants. Be thorough. Question everything. Use professional investigation companies to check for criminal conviction records. Make sure that your Distributor Trainees follow the same standards when they perform background checks.

The Kirby Company is always striving to make this a better business. None of these actions are difficult to perform, and they can prevent you and your customers from being victimized. Take these steps to protect your customers, your business and the “Kirby Opportunity” for the future.

Professional investigation companies provide information on criminal background checks. Make sure you conform to all local, state and federal laws.

Click here for a list of Background Companies.

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