Accessory Display System


  • It provides a visual cue to your Dealer to keep them on track during the Factory Demo
  • Properly holds all attachments and accessories to show off the versatility and value of the Kirby
  • Reinforces the features and benefits of the Kirby to customers
  • Creates that “wow” factor when closing the sale
  • Reusable, tested to last at least 10 demos
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 The Display System is specially designed to showcase the complete Kirby system, including accessories. It’s easy to use, fits inside the box top for convenient transfer between appointments, and is built to last. The Kirby Accessory Display Systems come in a 6-pack and can be added and shipped with your next order of Kirbys, MSSS, and Zippbrushes. 

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 17.5 × 3 in