Methods of Payment

The Kirby Company prefers that the following methods of payment be used when placing orders.

1. Visa, Master Card, Discover Card or American Express
Paying for your order in advance benefits you in several ways:
  • Saves you costly COD fees ($15-$40 per order up to 5% of value of order)!
  • Saves you a trip to the bank to obtain a cashier’s check
  • Allows you to pay your credit card when due possibly up to 30 days later!
  • Allows you to earn credit toward programs offered by your credit card company!
  • Allows you to pay order value plus freight at one time
  • Avoid storage charges!
2. Wire transfer: Place your order and wire the amount due.
Kirby Company
c/o PNC Bank
Cleveland, Ohio 44135
Account Number 4224723716
Routing – – – – 041000124
This method ensures that Kirby receives payment for your order immediately, most often the same day. Your bank might charge a minimal service fee; however, this method is fast, safe, and allows you to build a relationship with your local banker which may be helpful in the future.
3. Cashier’ check made payable to Kirby Company sent FedEx Ground or Next Day.
When calling your order in to the Distribution Department, specify that you are sending a certified check
Send your cashier’s or certified check via Overnight Carrier (cost approximately $13) to:
Kirby Company
Distribution Department
1920 West 114th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
  • Upon receipt of payment we will ship your order, or fax it to the appropriate warehouse.
    • AVOID carrier COD fees and may facilitate quicker delivery!
4. Collect On Delivery (COD):
  • Cashier’s or Certified checks in the invoice amount are to be made payable to Kirby Company only.
  • A separate check, made payable to the carrier, is required for the freight cost. Most carriers expect a certified check for the freight cost. Request prepaid freight on COD orders and acquire one certified check (payable to Kirby), Carrier will bill Kirby directly for the freight cost.

Whichever method you choose, paying for your order in
advance offers several benefits worth repeating:
Avoid costly COD fees!
Expedites product deliveries!
Minimizes freight costs! Avoids Storage!


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