Multi-Surface Shampoo System Plus

Multi-Surface Shampoo System +


The new Kirby® Multi-Surface Shampoo System Plus is the all-in-one floor cleaning solution you have been waiting for! Carrying multiple boxes into homes to demo everything the Kirby Home Care System can offer can be a burden, even for the seasoned Dealer. For this reason, we developed the new Multi-Surface Shampoo System Plus as another option available to Kirby® Distributors! This new system gives you everything you need to shampoo carpeting, clean hard floors, scrub tile & grout and polish hardwood surfaces, all in one box!

What’s included?

  • Multi-Surface Shampoo System
  • 12 oz. Carpet Shampoo
  • 12 oz. Hard Floor Cleaner (Now for use on Tile & Grout!)
  • 12 oz. Miracle Shine
  • Carpet Shampoo brush roll
  • Rotary Mop brush roll
  • Striped Rotary Mop brush roll
  • One Belt
  • Two sprayers for the Hard Floor Cleaner and Miracle Shine

What are the benefits?

Not only will this make it easier for you to bring in the accessories to do a full demo, but it will also save you time and money!

Save over 10% when buying the Multi-Surface Shampoo System Plus compared to purchasing the Multi-Surface Shampoo System, Tile & Grout Kit and Miracle Shine Kit!

This cost savings gives you and your customers great value and the satisfaction of being able to clean any floor.

While the original Multi-Surface Shampoo System is still available, the new Multi-Surface Shampoo System Plus adds the ability to scrub tile & grout and polish hardwood floors all in one helpful kit. 

Part Number 293016

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